Maggie Moreno
Software Developer



So who is this "Maggie" person, anyway?

My education and background is in cognitive science and user experience research. I wanted to have a more impactful role in consumer-facing products, so I started learning web development in December, 2013.

When I'm not typing furiously on my computer, I like to go hiking, camping, skiing, and all manner of outdoorsy things. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person. I lived in Italy for a couple of years. I'm a Star Trek fan, a Kim Stanley Robinson fan, and yes, I loved the movie Her (2013).

I'm educated.

I got my BA from the University of Chicago in 2010 and my MSc from l'Università degli studi di Trento in 2012. While I was at these prestigious institutions, I did a lot of research around the subject of language and communication. I wrote my master's thesis on communication via signaling games.

I love learning, and I constantly take courses on Coursera and Udacity.

I'm skilled.

I've worked with a few web frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, Google App Engine (with Python and webapp2), and Tornado. Front-end frameworks that I've used include Backbone.js and Angular.js. APIs that I'm familar with include Yelp V2, Google Maps V3, Google Places, and YouTube Data V3.

I'm rather new to the field, so expounding on any supposed expertise would be pure bluff. But I have come to the software development world brandishing my love of learning, so I hope to start putting technical feathers in my hat soon.

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